Tom Fitton said he hopes the nation's next FBI director will reform the bureau from within, not go along with Washington's business as usual.

The FBI "has been abused sorely under President Obama," the president of Judicial Watch told "Fox & Friends."

President Trump announced his decision on Wednesday to nominate Christopher Wray for FBI director after his controversial firing of former Director James Comey in early May.

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Fitton expressed his hope that Wray's experience battling the government as a lawyer will make him a reformer who will provide oversight from within the FBI.

He hopes not to see an FBI director who plays the "typical Washington game" and who does the "same old, same old."

Federal law enforcement has numerous problems, according to Fitton.

For one, the agency has been "oblivious to some of the threats caused by Islamic terrorism," he remarked.

Fitton said the FBI may be trying to do too much, adding that since violating private citizens' privacy, including Trump campaign associates, the agency has lost the trust of the American public.

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