Former CIA Director James Woolsey said he doesn't see a "smoking gun" in former FBI Director James Comey's expected testimony to Congress.

Comey's Senate testimony, published Wednesday, describes his private meetings with the president where he says Trump requested "loyalty."

Comey said the president expressed to him the hope that the FBI could "let go" of the investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn's meetings with the Russian ambassador.

Critics have taken Trump's comments as an attempt to obstruct the investigation. 

"We've got to be careful about using the phrase 'obstruction of justice,'" Woolsey cautioned to Trish Regan on Fox Business Network. 

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The former intelligence official said that in counter-intelligence investigations, such as investigating leaks, officials don't talk to the subjects of the investigation since they are just pursuing knowledge about what a hostile nation is doing. 

Woolsey said interference in a counter-intelligence investigation would be different from interference in a criminal investigation when it comes to obstruction of justice.

"People commenting on these get them tangled up among themselves quite a bit," he remarked.

Woolsey said he doesn't see Comey's expected testimony as "highly damaging" for the president, since the conversation could have been interpreted in different ways. 

Watch the interview above.

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