Brit Hume said the hysteria over Jared Kushner's alleged ties to Russia is a "nothing-burger."

Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor was reported to have sought a secret back channel with Russia in December, after Donald Trump was elected but before he took office.

Back channels with foreign nations have been used "going back forever" and are nothing unusual, Hume told Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.

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Hume said he finds the media coverage of the situation "bizarre."

"There are all kinds of back-channel communications. It's not at all uncommon," he added, noting a comment from CNN reporter John King, who called Kushner's alleged actions "un-American."

Hume pointed back to Henry Kissinger's back-channel communications with the Chinese. 

He said the Russians clearly tried to meddle in America's presidential election, although the evidence is "extremely thin" that they had any decisive effect on it.

Watch his comments above.

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