Greg Gutfeld said the anti-ISIS coalition is operating "the way it should have been all along."

He said that "Operation Inherent Resolve" - the coalition's official organization - put out a statement saying U.S. forces have begun an attack on Raqqa, Syria.

Raqqa is ISIS' declared capital city.

Gutfeld said a victory in Raqqa would expose ISIS as "deadbeats," which would make it harder for them to recruit new jihadists.

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"Nobody wants to join a loser," he said, adding that such a victory would destroy the terrorists' narrative that they are "teeming hordes raging across the desert."

"For some reason we took forever to counter this message - we thought they were J.V.," he said, referring to President Obama's description of them at one point.

"We must kill them all," he said, adding that the report shows that the coalition's attacks are "unbending and relentless."

Watch the clip above.

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