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A former Goldman Sachs executive who appeared to compare the Trump administration to the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany during the 1920s won New Jersey's gubernatorial primary.

The Associated Press declared Phil Murphy (D-Monmouth), the winner of Tuesday's crowded primary race.

Murphy served as ambassador to Germany under President Barack Obama.

At a speech earlier this year in Montclair, near Paterson, Murphy said he "lived in Germany twice."

"I kn[e]w what was being said about somebody else in the 1920s," he added.

Murphy said that people could "drop in names from today into those observations from the 1920s."

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) and Murphy's opponent, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (R-N.J.) - the Republican primary victor - called for Murphy to apologize for what some saw as a comparison between Trump and Hitler.

Recently, on a New Jersey news program, Murphy appeared to double down on his remarks:

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"I won't back off of that. I'm not trying to get people's hair on fire," he said.

"I'm not suggesting it ends like it ended in Germany," he said, likening the Trump agenda to a train rolling downhill.

"The one lesson I know from Germany is [the train] can get ahead of you," he said.

Murphy will face Guadagno in November, as Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) is term-limited.

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