A Missouri woman's apartment complex backtracked after telling her to take her American flag down from her porch, after saying "storage" is not allowed on porches, "Fox & Friends" reported.

Kerry White is the daughter of a Vietnam War veteran and the stepmother of an active-duty member of the military. She purchased the flag for the Memorial Day weekend to show her support for American troops.

"It's our country. Support our country, support our troops. They go out and they fight for our country and they defend us, so why would we not fly an American flag to support them?" White told Fox 4.

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Cordillera Ranch Apartments told White the flag was in violation of her lease, but later called the kerfuffle a "misunderstanding" and said they had talked to White about how to display her flag properly. They did not elaborate on what displaying properly means.

Here's the apartment complex's full statement:

Cordillera Ranch Apartments shares Ms. White’s great pride and joins her in saluting our nation’s armed forces and the effort and sacrifices that they have made for our country. Please understand that management had no intention of removing and disposing the American flag.  We regret that our response did not adequately or appropriately address the issue.  We have spoken with Ms White  regarding how she can properly display her flag on her balcony in accordance with the terms of  her lease.  We regret the misunderstanding that occurred over this issue and trust that this statement will clarify Cordillera Ranch’s position.

White joins a list of citizens troubled for having American flags on display.

Last month, two Georgia veterans received a letter of violation from their homeowners' association for flying their flags outside their homes.

75-year-old U.S. Army veteran Bob Rosebrock was acquitted after having to appear in federal court on a misdemeanor charge for setting up two small American flags without a permit on a fence at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs facility. Rosebrock was protesting the VA’s treatment of homeless veterans.

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