In the wake of another deadly terror attack in the United Kingdom, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) says it's time to put political correctness aside and get serious about the threat of radical Islamic terror.

King, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee and chairman of the House Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee, told Shannon Bream on "America's Newsroom" that all leaders should follow the lead of President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May and label these attacks "Islamist."

He said there are many counterterrorism actions we must take, but he prioritizes getting surveillance and intelligence on the Muslim community to prevent attacks before they happen.

"I don't know why anyone in the community who wants to stop terrorism would be opposed to that," King said. "We're not talking about breaking and entering, we're not talking about doing anything without warrants."

He said the reality is that we are locked in a war with radical Islamists who want to kill us, and the sooner we acknowledge that the better.

"It's time to put political correctness aside," King said. "That's why I was so pleased yesterday when Prime Minister May used the term 'Islamic extremism.' She used the word 'Islamist,' because that's where the threat it coming from."

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