On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Michelle Malkin called out liberals for being politically correct and making excuses for radical Islamic terror.

She explained that jihadists take advantage of our Western liberties and they exploit the fact that we tolerate their extremism.

"Then, only after dozens and dozens of these attacks - not only on hard targets, but increasingly soft targets - do you have clueless people who are completely taken over by dhimmitude like Theresa May finally acknowledging that, ‘Gee, maybe we’ve accepted too much extremism within our borders.’ Ya think?!"

She said it's outrageous that people make excuses for Islamists who loudly proclaim their motives.

"The louder that they talk about what their aims are, their intents and goals are, the louder so many apologists for jihad try to deny the obvious," Malkin said. "They’re screaming out, ‘Allahu Akbar' and 'This is for Allah,’ and all of a sudden, what do you get in response? You get all of the liberal media headlines that, ‘Gee, the motive is still unknown,’ when they’re screaming it at the top of their lungs."

She said the solution is to stop walking on eggshells around the issue of radical Islam and to encourage moderate Muslims to condemn this violent ideology.

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