White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway sounded off on the media's constant negative coverage  of the Trump administration, arguing that positive actions are being ignored.

"People are really losing their minds over this presidency instead of trying to cover the things that he's doing to help all Americans and really coming together," Conway told "Fox & Friends."

Conway blasted the the negative coverage of President Trump's temporary travel ban for countries identified by the Obama administration as cesspools of terrorism.

"These six countries do not have screening and vetting procedures in place that give us confidence," said the White House counselor, adding that they "harbor and train and export terrorists."

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"This president should apologize for what? ... For calling out radical Islamic terrorism for what it is?" Conway asked, reminding viewers that President Trump promised to stand with the United Kingdom in the wake of Saturday night's London Bridge terrorist attack.

"Imagine if the mainstream media, every time they said 'Russia' said 'ISIS?'" she remarked.

Conway also said former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice lied when she referred to the travel ban as a discriminatory "Muslim ban."

"She knows better, "Conway said. 

She said Rice's comments about the ban are parallel to her remarks the Benghazi scandal, where Rice joined Hillary Clinton in saying the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya was a protest, not a terrorist attack.

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