On "Fox & Friends" this morning, David Bossie said the mainstream media and the Democrat Party are engaged in a "permanent obstruction campaign" against President Donald Trump.

Bossie, who served as Trump's deputy campaign manager, pointed out that much of the coverage of the Trump administration is focused on climate change, former FBI Director James Comey and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

"They have obsessed with this president," Bossie said. "They can't focus on the fact that the American people chose Donald Trump to lead this country at a time that we are in a very precarious place at home and abroad, and it's because of the weak policies of Barack Obama that put us here."

He argued that Trump has spent the first several months of his administration addressing Obama's failures, whether it's his horrible economic policies or weak foreign policy.

Bossie said that Trump knows the media coverage of his administration will never be honest or positive, but he's focused on implementing his agenda, not listening to his critics.

"And the Democratic Party has just become a permanent obstruction campaign," Bossie said. "They can't come up with one policy that the American people want. But President Trump is leading through his actions."

As for rumors that he might be part of a White House "war room" to combat negative coverage of the administration, Bossie said he's honored and humbled that Trump wanted to discuss the position with him.

"I’ve been at the president's side since he was a candidate - long before he was a candidate. So I am wanting to help him through these tough times," Bossie said. "It's just the media's constant grinding, the Democrats being obstructionists, to try to break through that, so that we can lead for the American people and bring back jobs, build the economy, and strengthen us at home and abroad."

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