Two former Connecticut Democrats and union workers explained on "Fox and Friends" why they support President Trump, including his proposed travel ban. 

"This travel ban thing never should have been stopped by any of the courts cause he has the constitutional right to do that," a union carpenter named Bill told Pete Hegseth at a Plainfield, Conn., diner.

He criticized the courts for using Trump's statements on the campaign trail to justify blocking the order.

"You have to follow law. You can't use feelings, and that's the problem with this country. Everything's feelings now instead of law!" the Trump voter said.

The Trump administration's travel ban on six countries was declared unconstitutional by several courts, who ruled that it discriminated against people practicing the Muslim faith. The president called Monday for a speedy hearing of the executive order by the Supreme Court.

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Plainfield is in Windham County, Conn., which voted Republican in the 2016 presidential election for the first time since 1988, when it voted for incumbent George H.W. Bush. Hillary Clinton ended up winning the traditionally-blue state

Another former Democrat voter, named Lenny, told Hegseth that he thinks Trump "has our best interests at heart."

Lenny said he voted for Barack Obama the first time, but became disenchanted with the leftward move of the party. 

"The left fringe of the Democratic Party has driven them too far off the mainstream boat," he continued, adding that the country is going in the wrong direction and needs to get back to the center again.

Pete stopped at a Michigan diner a few weeks ago, where he heard some impassioned defenses of President Trump. 

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