"Rush Limbaugh Show" guest-host Mark Steyn said British Prime Minister Theresa May must stop allowing her country to "import" jihadist ideology.

Steyn said May needs to take a harder line on who her government allows into the United Kingdom.

"The problem is that it is not a native problem," Steyn said. "The first thing you have to do is stop importing it."

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He said the problem of jihadist radicalization is a much bigger issue than the Irish Republican Army was.

Steyn said that those involved in IRA attacks in the 20th Century had a lot more culturally in common with the rest of the British Isles.

"There are people who agree with every objective of [jihadists]," Steyn said. "They want to live under Sharia [and] have the flag of Islam fly over Buckingham Palace."

He said that when May used the term "extremism" when reacting to the latest attack, she was being too vague to make a powerful point.

However, Steyn said that May's opponent in the upcoming election, the Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn, believes Britain is too "evil... and colonialist."

Watch the clip above.

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