Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) praised President Trump for rejecting the Paris Climate Accord, saying it was a way for the world to weaken the American economy.

Kelly, who represents industrial centers like Butler and Erie, said the accord would not help American workers or consumers.

"Why would you want to raise the cost of... everything on the shelf?" he said.

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If the U.S. joined the deal, Kelly said it would benefit of the rest of the world, while "the Yanks pick up the tab."

Kelly also criticized Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (D), who blasted Trump's decision after the president gave the Steel City a shout out.

He said Peduto wanted an excuse to "go after the president" and "make a political message."

Trump had said America should care more for "Pittsburgh" than "Paris."

Kelly said Peduto and other Democrats "can't stand the fact we have a real leader and not a lecturer."

"To make America great again, you've got to make America strong again," Kelly said.

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