Muslim Reform Movement co-founder Asra Nomani reacted to the estimated 100 "Marches for Truth" against President Trump on Saturday.

Nomani said that in many cases the Democratic organizers have teamed up with Sharia law advocate Linda Sarsour.

Sarsour is an anti-Zionist activist who also was involved with the women's march after the inauguration.

Nomani said Sarsour represents the "unholy alliance" between the American left and conservative Islam.

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She called the marchers' decision to "escalate [Sarsour] to heroine" is "really disturbing."

Nomani said Sarsour's support for aggression against those who do not comply with Sharia is troubling, especially if leftists in America associate with her.

Pete Hegseth pointed out that Sarsour tries to get the West to consider Sharia by pointing to otherwise extraneous tenants like a ban on interest.

Nomani said the left must reject Sarsour, who she said is linked to Hungarian-American activist George Soros.

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