Mike Huckabee said comedian Kathy Griffin overrode her own apology by blaming President Trump for destroying her career.

Griffin was subject to heavy criticism and tour cancellations after holding up a mock severed head of Trump.

At a press conference, Griffin and attorney Lisa Bloom said Trump's administration and his penchant for off-color remarks should also be focused on.

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Bloom, daughter of high-powered attorney Gloria Allred, said that Trump, Mrs. Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are unnecessarily targeting Griffin.

Griffin said Trump "mobilized" white male supporters to destroy her career.

"That was absolutely unhinged," Huckabee said. "Then, to say it's because of old white guys, I'm thinking, no... it's one old white woman."

"Take a look in the mirror, that's who ruined your stinking career," he said.

Watch Huckabee's full remarks above.

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