Calling out Democrats for seemingly trying to "have it both ways," Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) pointed out that the Paris climate agreement was "toothless" and even liberals have admitted that. 

The Utah senator noted that many state, local and business leaders are still free to follow the global accord's recommendations for cutting carbon emissions, and many have vowed to do so. 

Lee said those critics are essentially saying they don't need the federal government for the deal at all.

"Welcome to free markets. They're Republicans now. Maybe they're all conservatives. It sounds like a glorious thing," Lee remarked on "Outnumbered."

"Why are they so upset?" Lee asked, pointing out that supporters of the agreement have touted the fact that it imposed no emissions limits on the United States.

Lee added that the accord was never "the law of the land" because it was never ratified by Congress.

Liberals melted down over the president's abandonment of the deal, predicting natural disasters of apocalyptic proportions in the wake of the decision.

Watch the discussion above.

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