Author and columnist Mark Steyn believes that doomsday climate change predictions appeal to the left because they're "cartoon science."

"It's cartoon science. That's why they like it, because it's simple and it appeals to them," Steyn said on "Your World" today.

After President Trump announced Thursday that the United States would no longer participate in the 2015 Paris climate agreement, liberal celebrities and other high-profile voices have come out swinging to denounce the decision, predicting doomsday-level natural disasters.

Steyn criticized them, saying that saving your local school district and county is a lot more difficult than saying you are busy saving the planet.

If Trump had known that "destroying the planet was going to send the left and the media crazy to this degree, he'd have done it a lot earlier," he commented.

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European leaders have expressed anger at the president's comments that the climate deal was a bad deal for America and would hurt American workers.

The United States was expected to reduce its carbon emissions more than 25 percent by 2025, while contributing billions of dollars to help developing countries do the same. China, the biggest carbon polluter in the world, has no obligations to reduce its emissions for decades.

Steyn remarked as well that the climate agreement did little to impact climate change anyway.

"It's basically first world countries bribing third world dictators [with] their Swiss bank accounts to pretend to do something about the planet," Steyn concluded.

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