Charles Krauthammer joined Tucker Carlson tonight to react to Hillary Clinton blaming her loss in the 2016 presidential election on anything and everything but herself.

The Fox News Research team totaled up the excuses and found a whopping 24 items.

Krauthammer said it's "pathetic" and "childish" that Clinton can't accept personal responsibility for her loss.

"She was a terrible candidate, the worst imaginable," Krauthammer said, pointing out that she had difficulty defeating Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary despite having every advantage, including the backing of the DNC.

He said it's best for the Democratic Party that the "Clinton dynasty" comes to an end, especially since she never had a clear message on why she wanted to be president, other than that she felt entitled to the job.

"I think in the end that's sort of what defeated her," Krauthammer said. "There was no rationale for her run. And the Democratic Party suffered being trapped by the Clinton machine."

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