President Trump announced on Thursday that his administration will exit the Paris climate agreement.

The Paris Climate Accord is a pact between nearly 200 nations to voluntarily reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to fight climate change.

Trump said that the agreement hurts American citizens and businesses, and it "undermines" the U.S. economy.

On "Special Report" tonight, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt praised the president for his "courageous" decision.

He explained that the pact is simply a "bad deal" for the U.S., and Trump's decision to back out of the agreement is another example of his "America first" strategy.

He added that the U.S. has been a leader on climate change and CO2 reduction - and will continue to do so - so we have nothing to be apologetic about.

"The president did a courageous thing today. He truly put America's interests first," Pruitt said. "The president took care of American citizens today."

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