The House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed the CIA, FBI and NSA on Wednesday for documents related to suspicions that Obama administration officials unlawfully unmasked the names of Americans associated with then-candidate Trump during the presidential campaign.

Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) named three former Obama administration officials suspected of illegal unmasking: Susan Rice, John Brennan and Samantha Power.

Watch Fox News' James Rosen explain it all in the report above. 

Trump's former deputy campaign manager David Bossie then reacted on "America's Newsroom," arguing that the unmasking probe is the "only actual case where we know there may be criminal acts."

Bossie said Democrats keep making "bogus claims" about alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, while ignoring the "dangerous" issue of unmasking by political operatives in the Obama White House. 

He said there has been no evidence put forward on Trump-Russia collusion after seven months of investigations. 

"We have evidence here. ... These subpoenas will get to the bottom of whether any illegal activity or any political shenanigans went on with sharing classified information," said Bossie.

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