Tucker Carlson debated a preacher on the merits of President Trump's budget.

Bishop Dwayne Royster of PICO National Network repeatedly called it "ethnic cleansing" of non-white communities.

Carlson said Royster was using his position as a clergyman to "scare the hell out of people [using] demagoguery."

Royster called the budget "an absolute sin" that proves Trump's "contempt for people of color, the poor and anybody that doesn't look like him."

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"It's outrageous for you to say he has contempt -- it's un-knowable," Carlson said.

Royster said Trump continues to use "dog-whistle language" in his quest to "Make America White Again."

"How the hell do you look at this budget and say it's ethnic cleansing?" Carlson asked.

Royster said that anyone looking at what programs are being cut will see SNAP food assistance and other social programs being slashed.

He said he would not stop using the term "ethnic cleansing" until Trump proved his budget does not intentionally target minorities.

Watch the debate above.

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