Hillary Clinton called her email scandal a "nothing-burger" and said the related federal investigation is not the reason she lost the presidential election.

Speaking in Ranchos Palos Verdes, Calif., Clinton said her alleged mishandling of classified information was not the reason she lost.

She also said that Russia is interested in more than "meddling in our elections" -  they want to control the American economy.

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Clinton said that without American help, the Russians would not have known how to use the information they allegedly obtained illegally.

"[It was] guided by Americans and guided by people who had poling and data information," she said, according to Fox News' Garrett Tenney.

Charles Payne said on "Your World" that Clinton made Russia "an even bigger winner" by giving them more credit than they should have received.

"The bottom line is Hillary Clinton ran an awful campaign," he said. "She thought the White House... was ordained to her."

Watch the clip above and check out Clinton's comments below.

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