Tucker Carlson sounded off on the left's "diversity agenda" and how it has become "totalitarian."

He said the Democrats' concern for equal rights has been replaced by that "diversity agenda."

"It is totalitarian and it is everywhere," Carlson said.

He pointed to cases on campuses like Evergreen State College in Washington, where students demanded a day without white people.

Previously, Carlson spoke with a professor at the school who was cornered by several angry students because he refused to leave campus.

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Carlson also pointed to the issues that conservative author Ann Coulter has experienced while trying to speak to college students.

"Free speech is the 'Old Gray Mare' of campuses," Brit Hume said. "It ain't what it used to be."

Carlson added that the left also looks for reasons to blame conservatives for violence.

He criticized the left's response to the murders on a Portland, Ore., train.

The suspect, Jeremy Christian, was a Jill Stein-Bernie Sanders supporter who repeated derogatory things about Muslims, Jews and Christians.

Carlson pointed out that Christian had been labeled as a Trump supporter

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