Retired Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North said that a North Korean missile fired over the Pacific could "literally" shut down Hawaii for decades.

North said the U.S. must ensure the Pentagon's defense systems work since they are the only resources the country has to fend of a potential North Korean attack.

The important part is that "the people in Pyongyang realize they cannot get away with striking the U.S. with any kind of weapon," North told host Melissa Francis.

The Pentagon today is testing its capabilities of shooting down intercontinental ballistic missiles.

North said the move is seen as a preventative measure in the wake of North Korea's threats against the United States.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed today to send a bigger "gift package" to the U.S. after yesterday's missile test.

The only way to curb North Korea's brazen weapons testing is to levy "serious sanctions" against "any business doing any business whatsoever with North Korea or Iran," North said.

North added that Iran is the source of much of the funding for Kim's missile tests.

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