Charles Krauthammer blasted actress Kathy Griffin's photo shoot that involved a fake 'beheaded' President Trump.

As reported:

The outspoken comedian posed for a photo shoot with controversial photographer Tyler Shields in which she is holding a bloodied mask of President Trump.

TMZ published the gory photo from Griffin's photo session with the famed Shields, known for his shocking pictures.

According to the gossip site, Griffin joked with Shields on set they would need to move to Mexico after the photos were released or fear imprisonment.

Krauthammer said the stunt amounted to "political pornography from a D-list comedienne."

Bret Baier asked if the incident will prevent Griffin from hosting CNN's New Year's Eve programming with Anderson Cooper.

[Warning: Graphic Image Below]

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"I'll leave it up to the mavens of CNN," Krauthammer said. "I can assure you this - I won't be watching."

Watch the clip above.

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