In his Common Sense monologue, Neil Cavuto blasted the "grumbling European phonies" at NATO who are upset with President Trump.

Cavuto criticized Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Belgium's Charles Michel and France's Emmanuel Macron for their videotaped snickering during Trump's speech.

He said the "smirk seen round the world" was the only way these leaders could react to Trump stating publicly what his predecessors failed to.

"Most of his NATO partners are deadbeats... looking like the blatant phonies they are," Cavuto said. "Trump told them to their face."

"Enough with hearing you bitch behind my back, I'm going to bitch right in front of your face," he said of Trump's actions.

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Cavuto slammed Macron for trying to one-up Trump by giving the New Yorker a powerful handshake in a show of strength.

"Just picture if Churchill did that to Hitler," Cavuto said.

He said it would be improbable that such a stunt would have convinced the Nazi leader not to mess with Britain.

Watch the clip above.

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