Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza said German Chancellor Angela Merkel's comments that were critical of the United States are actually a good thing.

At a campaign event in Munich, Merkel said that the "times when [Germany] could fully rely on others are somewhat over. That's what I've experienced in recent days."

"We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands," she said.

The comments were seen as a slight at President Trump, who pressed NATO members to pay their dues, and passed on immediately endorsing a global warming doctrine.

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"I think it is a kind of 'Declaration of Independence' on the part of Angela Merkel and it's very good news," D'Souza said on "Fox & Friends."

D'Souza said that, although the remarks were critical of the United States, they signaled that Europe may soon take more responsibility for their security.

He said that the agreements in place today were more relevant in the 1940s, when the West worried that Germany would try to dominate eastern Europe.

D'Souza added that Merkel has "no idea about climate change," remarking that the idea is a ploy for governments to further control their people.

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