President Trump heralded his return stateside with a stream of tweets Sunday morning.

"Just returned from Europe. Trip was a great success for America. Hard work but big results," Trump wrote.

The president also hammered press coverage of his administration and his party.

He pointed out that until it was clear that Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) was going to defeat Rob Quist (D) in the special election, the press covered the story heavily.

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"Does anyone notice how the Montana Congressional race was such a big deal to Dems & Fake News until the Republicans won?" Trump wrote.

Trump's eldest son Don Jr. traveled with Gianforte on the campaign trail and many in the press expected a "tight race in a Republican stronghold," appearing to predict Quist would win.

Gianforte won, despite allegedly assaulting a newspaper reporter the night before the election.

Besides the kerfuffle between Gianforte and the reporter, Trump said press coverage of the victory appeared to quickly dissipate.

He also sounded off on New York Times' coverage of the Manchester terror attack.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May said the Times report was aided by leaked intelligence.

"British Prime Minister May was very angry that the info the U.K. gave to U.S. about Manchester was leaked. Gave me full details!" Trump wrote.

Trump also accused the press of fabricating unnamed sources in their coverage, labeling them "#FakeNews."

Check out the tweets above, and watch Secretary Kelly sound off on the Manchester leaks on "Fox News Sunday" HERE.

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