Former presidential candidate Herman Cain (R) criticized Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for floating the idea of a guaranteed minimum income.

Zuckerberg said America needs a "new social contract" with a "guaranteed minimum income" for all.

Cain asked why Zuckerberg couldn't just "send all the poor people a check" instead of taking money from working folks.

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"What would be [workers'] incentive to exceed things based upon their own ability?" Cain asked.

Cain said Zuckerberg is suffering from "rich guilt" and is "dead wrong" in his thought process.

Cain also reacted to remarks from HUD Secretary Ben Carson, who said that poverty is often a "state of mind."

"I have been in poverty and now I am a CEO," Cain said.

Cain said it was his frame of mind and the people he surrounded himself with that helped him achieve the American dream.

Watch the clip above.

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