Geraldo Rivera said President Trump's critics are so down on him that "he can do no right."

Rivera said he pictures President Trump in his office with "rats scurrying over his shined shoes ... the office is infiltrated with rats," representing the CIA, NSA and FBI whose many recent leaks of sensitive information damage the president and the country.

He also said the outrage over the president's speech to NATO leaders - in which he told them to pay their "fair share" - was "really toxic."

However, Rivera said, the harsh criticism of everything Trump does "boomeranged" yesterday in Montana's special election.

Republican candidate Greg Gianforte won his bid last night for Montana's open U.S. House seat despite being charged with misdemeanor assault only twenty four hours earlier for body-slamming a reporter.

"It is an [ideological] mission now to take down this man," Rivera said.

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