Former CIA officer Mike Baker said on "Your World" that the leakers in the White House and intelligence agencies will only stop "if there are consequences."

Baker said that those who had access to the leaked sensitive material must be "hauled in" and talked to very directly about their activities, and in some cases polygraphed.

The New York Times published a report yesterday on the terror attack in Manchester that contained sensitive, detailed information on the investigation into the horrific bombing.

While the information may have come from Britain, Baker said that the Times may also have knowingly disrupted an ongoing terrorist investigation in hopes of taking another shot at the Trump administration.

"It's a possibility," Baker told host Neil Cavuto.

Leaks from the White House have been copious lately, causing headaches for President Trump and his staff.

The president's private comments to Russian officials, in which he allegedly called fired FBI Director James Comey a "nut job," leaked two weeks ago. The same week, a Comey memo was leaked, detailing a meeting with Trump in which the president expressed his hope that the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn would be wrapped up.

"When you continue to lower the bar and you continue to normalize the idea that, you know, people can't keep their pie holes shut, and it's okay because there's ultimately no consequences, then sure, you create this environment where suddenly you have news articles that contain only anonymous sources," Baker said.

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