The former director of strategy for then-British Prime Minister David Cameron recalled that President Obama was "furious" with the British over NATO spending.

"He could barely bring himself to discuss any other issue," Fox News contributor Steve Hilton recalled.

President Trump delivered a strongly-worded address to European leaders at the brand new NATO headquarters in Brussels earlier today, calling on countries to step up defense spending. 

The NATO countries agreed to spend 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense, a goal that has largely not been met.

Hilton said Obama handled the situation more diplomatically, but said it is a "clear cut case" and Trump is correct to demand countries pay their bills.

"They're way off, especially those at the bottom," Hilton added.

NATO can do more on a number of fronts such as immigration, but especially to fight terrorism, he said, and perhaps Trump will get a better result than Obama did.

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