A bombshell Circa News report claims that the NSA, under then President Obama, conducted years of illegal searches of American's private data.

The secret court that oversees government snooping took the Obama administration to task late last year, suggesting it created "a very serious Fourth Amendment issue" by violating rules the government itself had implemented regarding the surveillance of Americans, FoxNews.com reported.

According to top secret documents made public by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court – often referred to as the FISA court – the government admitted that NSA analysts were violating surveillance rules on a regular basis.

On "Special Report" tonight, Judge Andrew Napolitano said it's "astounding" that there's not more outrage from Americans over this report, and it's astounding that it's not being more widely reported on by the mainstream media.

"NSA has been doing massive amounts of spying, surveilling, capturing every keystroke on every iPhone and every desktop and every phone call and all fiber optic cable in the United States that they can, without telling the FISA court about it," Judge Napolitano said.

He said this could have affected hundreds of millions of Americans, calling it a "profound violation of the Fourth Amendment."

Although the FISA court harshly rebuked the NSA, it's actually almost a "joke," Judge Napolitano said.

"There's no sting to the rebuke, there's no consequences to the government," he explained.

He added that these violations were "horrific" under the Obama administration, but they started under former President George W. Bush, and some of them continue to this day under President Trump.

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