In a follow-up to a story we told you about yesterday, Ainsley Earhardt talked to two veterans who live in a Georgia neighborhood where they were told they could only fly the American flag on certain days. 

The Village at Towne Lake Homeowners Association in Woodstock, Ga., decided to limit flag-flying to just 23 days out of the year.

For some reason, flags can fly outside residences on Mother's Day, but not on Father's Day.

Two of the neighborhood's veterans who are saying "no way" discussed the outrageous rules on "Fox & Friends." 

Pete Rockett, an Air Force veteran, said he's flown the flag outside his home all his life and was "shocked" to receive the "violation" letter, which stated that the flag must come down. 

"I did not take the flag down. It's still up," he said, adding that his son-in-law has done five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

"It would be a travesty to take that flag down," said Rockett, lamenting that the HOA is treating the flag like it's a holiday decoration. 

In an email to the show, the HOA stated that the "guidelines help maintain the aesthetic and architectural theme of the community."

U.S. Navy veteran Tom Wilder refused as well, saying he'll go to court if necessary rather than take his flag down. 

Watch the interview above and let us know your thoughts. 

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