Retired General Jack Keane did not mince words when giving his opinion of the heads of state in NATO, calling them "feckless leaders" and "not serious."

"Most of them lack moral and national will to defend their own people," he stated on "America's News HQ" today.

President Trump spoke strongly at NATO's new headquarters in Brussels earlier today, insisting NATO countries step up the fight against jihadists, as well as pay their long overdue bills to the alliance.

The general noted that ISIS carried out 32 attacks against eight NATO countries, killing hundreds of NATO citizens.

The current leaders are "mere shadows of the leaders we used to have" and show "fundamentally a lack of will" to fight the Islamic State terrorists killing their people.

Keane said this "shameful" cowardice is compounded by the financial issues Trump faces as he attempts to get the countries to pay their dues to NATO.

Watch the interview above.

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