Pete Hegseth on Tuesday confronted Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges after she delivered her "state of the city" address in a mosque.

Hodges, who previously called President Trump “uniquely pernicious,” chose the mosque as the location because she believes the city's Muslim community is under attack from the Trump administration.

The speech came just a day after the deadly terror attack in Manchester, England, which left 22 dead and scores more injured.

"Cities like Minneapolis and the people who live in them are squarely in Donald Trump’s sights," Hodges said during her address. "His agendas of oppression, regression, and suppression have no place in Minneapolis, and we are standing firm in our resistance to it."

Hegseth said Hodges tried to avoid answering his questions, so he tracked her down after the speech and confronted her.

"Why a mosque?" Hegseth asked of her choice of venue. "And would you do it in a church?"

Hodges said she decided to speak at the Islamic center because Minneapolis' Muslim community needs support. She said she has spoken at churches before, although not for a "state of the city" or official address.

"One community should not be held responsible for the reprehensible acts of a few members of that community," Hodges said, ending the conversation before Hegseth could ask her about President Trump.

Hegseth reacted this morning on "Fox & Friends," calling out the mayor for later using his appearance at her event to fund-raise. He noted the "serious problem" the Minneapolis area has had with Somali Muslim youths joining ISIS and al-Shabab. 

"There are real issues in this community [with radicalization] that she could be addressing and doesn't," he argued.

Watch more above from "Fox & Friends."

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