A former economic advisor to President Obama accused the Trump administration of using "accounting gimmicks and borderline fraud" in the new budget proposal.

Austan Goolsbee told Neil Cavuto in a heated exchange that health care costs are rising and that slowing the growth of Medicaid is not the answer.

"What is a fraud is telling the American people, 'Pay no attention to those numbers," Cavuto responded, referring to rising taxes and healthcare premiums.

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Goolsbee noted that President Trump promised not to cut Medicaid.

He disagreed with Cavuto, saying that slowing Medicaid's growth is similar to cutting its funding.

"The best thing Trump has going for him is that no one is going to read this budget with everything else going on," Goolsbee said.

"We are hosing the American people," and some of the government's spending habits are "ripe for pruning," Cavuto said.

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