Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins is railing against the politically correct response to the terror attack in Manchester, England, which left 22 people dead and scores more injured.

She said U.K. politicians are saying "this is business as usual" and "we will carry on as normal," and citizens are starting to see that's not the case.

"Theresa May says terrorists will never win. And I think many of us feel like, well, if this is them losing, we really don’t want to see them winning," Hopkins said. "And I think we can honestly say we don’t stand united now. The only thing we can be united about is that we need to demand action."

She pointed out that the attacker, 22-year-old Salman Abedi, had reportedly just returned from Libya weeks ago, and he was allowed back in the country despite having been on the radar of intelligence agencies.

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"We just let a jihadi who just returned from Libya - and possibly Syria - back to the U.K. We’re not allowed to call him an Islamic terrorist. You are not allowed to use the word 'Islam' in relation to him. We have to call him 'evil,'" Hopkins said. "You'll hear in the vocabulary being used, no one identifies him as an Islamic terrorist. It’s about making it a nebulous thing – this evil – which means you can’t do anything about it, because you cant identify it properly."

"And, I think, we’re saying, 'No, we want to hear the truth. This is Islamic terrorism, and we need to start fighting back,'" she added.

Hopkins said many voices like hers have been silenced by the U.K.'s politically correct atmosphere, which protects the "human rights" of jihadis.

"We’re tired of buying into the narrative that we’re strong and the jihadis are weak. No, we’ve been knocked down, we've been trampled on," Hopkins said. "We have our priorities all wrong. And what I’m saying is, to Great Britain, we have to stand united against terror. We will stand united in calling for action, demanding a response. We want jihadists out of this countries or locked up. They cannot have rights over our sons and daughters."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" interview above.

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