On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Sheriff David Clarke said President Trump showed true leadership with his response to the deadly attack that killed 22 and injured at least 59 at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, U.K.

Trump said the attack underscores the central message of his foreign trip as he concluded a visit to the Holy Land on Tuesday, saying America’s allies have a mandate to “drive out” terrorism and “obliterate this evil ideology.”

"Doesn't it make you proud just to listen and watch him on the world stage and how the world gets to see that we have a leader?" Clarke said. "He's not out there on this apology tour."

Clarke said that Trump knows that America must take the lead in the fight against terror.

"Sure, we need allies, but we must take the lead - whether we like it or not - to root out terrorism," Clarke said. "The world's going to have to come together. And this president knows that. ... This is a worldwide problem now."

He said it's just a matter of time before we have an attack like this in the U.S., and that's going to be a "game changer."

"We're going to have to stare this evilness down," Clarke said.

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