In the wake of a deadly terror attack in Manchester, U.K., some people may try to sympathize with the terrorist, claiming he was poor and oppressed and driven toward radicalization.

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Alan Dershowitz said that is "total nonsense."

Dershowitz said that many of the terrorists behind recent attacks are well-educated and wealthy, and they have been welcomed into countries like Great Britain and given every opportunity.

"This is not about poverty. This is not about disenfranchisement. This is about a culture and ideology that supports [terror] from the very top down," Dershowitz said.

He said one of the worst offenders is the Palestinian National Authority, which pays the families of suicide bombers.

Steve Hilton agreed, saying that the people who carry out terror attacks are the tip of the iceberg, but the culture and ideology they come from is the iceberg below.

"We've got to really call upon people in those communities to do more to identify and stop this," Hilton said.

Dershowitz noted that ISIS has taken responsibility for the Manchester attack, and he said it's also very important to make sure they pay a "heavy price."

"The price has to be very, very heavy," Dershowitz said. "Inevitably, there are going to be civilian casualties when you attack terrorist groups that purposefully embed themselves among civilians. And that's always a very heavy cost. But it's a cost that we have to incur, because it's their civilians versus our civilians."

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