An eight-year-old girl was among the more than 20 people killed when a homicide bomber struck an arena in Manchester, England where Ariana Grande had just performed. 

Saffie Rose Roussos was among the 22 fatalities, her school confirmed to The Sun

The bomber detonated the nail-filled device after the show in the foyer near the box office, injuring 59 people. 

Roussos' mother and sister were injured in the blast. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Georgina Callander, 18, was the first victim to be identified after the Monday night attack. She was described as a huge fan of Grande, who met the pop star in 2015.

Fox News contributor Rob O'Neill, who killed Usama bin Laden as a member of Navy SEAL Team 6, reacted to the attack this morning. 

He said "candlelight diplomacy" isn't working and more must be done to stamp out these terror attacks. 

In remarks this morning, President Trump called terrorists "losers." O'Neill said the bomber likely had help to carry out the attack, including with making the bomb. 

O'Neill said the bomber was also probably "talked into it by a cleric who told him about the great paradise" he would encounter upon his death. 

Watch the segment above, and see more details on the attack.

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