Palestinian parliament member Mustafa Barghouti staunchly defended Palestinian jihadists who attack Israel.

Leland Vittert asked Barghouti how the Palestinians could be considered an honest partner in the regional peace process when it memorializes terrorists.

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"They are not terrorists," Barghouti said on "Happening Now."

Barghouti said they are freedom fighters working "peacefully and politically" for the people.

He said that complaining about the Palestinian government's support of the fighters is Israel's way to distract from issues like its alleged "occupation" of their land.

Barghouti insisted that it is Netanyahu and the Israeli government, not Palestinians, who obstruct negotiation.

President Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv Monday and promised to seize the "rare opportunity" for Middle Eastern peace.

Barghouti called Netanyahu's administration "the most extreme government in the history of Israel."

Watch the must-see debate above.

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