Eric Bolling said President Trump's landmark trip to Saudi Arabia solidified the Arab world's support for the war on terrorism.

Bolling said on "The Fox News Specialists" that by getting the support of several peace-loving Muslim nations during his trip to Riyadh, Trump sent a strong message terror groups.

"In essence [Trump said] you're surrounded, hands up or we shoot," Bolling said.

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He said that Trump's message of a unified Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Egypt - with the help of the United States - is a big step forward in combating ISIS.

"Trump isn't afraid to call out terrorism with a megaphone," Bolling said. "He held back nothing and called out Arabs for looking the other way."

Bolling also noted Trump did not bow to the Saudi king as President Obama did on April 1, 2009.

Watch Eric's full monologue above.

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