European Parliament Member Nigel Farage said that if the U.K. explosions are declared an act of Islamic terrorism, it marks a new low for the extremists.

"The direct attack on children... marks a new low in all forms of terrorism," Farage said, noting that the explosions occurred at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

An eyewitness told Tucker Carlson that more than half of the attendees were teens or children.

Farage said that Britons have become complacent in the face of repeated attacks in mainland Europe - thinking that the U.K. is in a "better" place.

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"[Anyone with] any sense that the U.K. is safer than France or Belgium has rather disappeared this evening," he said.

Fox News reported that 19 people were killed and dozens more were injured in the blasts.

He said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who will face Prime Minister Theresa May in the election on June 8, is "really weak on terror." 

He said that the attack will likely have an impact on the election.

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