This week, Jesse Watters headed to Whippoorwill Park in Westchester County, N.Y. in search of Hillary Clinton, who was previously pictured hiking around there after losing the election.

At a speech earlier this year, Clinton remarked that she was soon coming "out of the woods" and back into the public eye.

With a walking stick to navigate the hilly terrain, Watters hiked the trails in the park, outside the Clintons' adopted hometown of Chappaqua.

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Soon, he spotted a possible sign of the former Democratic presidential nominee:

"There's a $20!" he said, picking up a bill from beside a tree.

Continuing along with no further luck, he tried calling out her campaign slogan to see if she would respond:

Giving up on his quest in the forest, Watters headed downtown to ask the folks there if she or President Clinton had been seen recently.

One woman said she saw the Clintons in the local bookstore:

Other folks said they hadn't seen the couple in a while, but added that they were still fans of the former secretary of state:

Watch the clip above.

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