In his monologue, Greg Gutfeld said President Trump's missteps are human and not a result of a political bent.

Gutfeld said that Trump has never before engaged in politics, spending all of his life as a private-sector businessman and citizen.

Regarding the report that Trump disclosed classified information to Russian envoys, Gutfeld said it is what humans do to create a friendly bond-- they gossip.

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When he allegedly told former FBI Director James Comey to give Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.] a break, Gutfeld said that Trump was displaying loyalty to a friend, not trying to play politics.

"Trump's not a Beltway pro, he's a salesman from Queens. He could sell cooties to a six-year-old," Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld said Trump's previous life experiences appear to dictate how he operates now that he is in politics.

"What's discussed behind closed doors... Trump says to your face: Of course I gave money to the Democrats... ISIS? Bomb the [expletive] out of them," Gutfeld said.

Watch Gutfeld's full monologue above.

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