General Jack Keane said President Trump's landmark visit to the Middle East appears to be creating an Arab NATO to combat terrorism.

Trump is meeting with King Salman of Saudi Arabia, King Hamad of Bahrain, President El-Sisi of Egypt and several other Mideast leaders.

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Keane said Trump is "revitalizing" America's relationship with Saudi Arabia and other friendly Arab countries, which those nations see as a change from being "abandoned" by President Obama.

"The Sunni Arabs feel largely abandoned by the Obama administration," he said, noting that Obama instead worked with Shiite-majority Iran.

Keane said Trump's dealmaking on the trip has the hallmarks of a "framework of an Arab NATO... ready to counter the Iranians" and radical Islamic terrorism.

"We can't just shoot our way out of this problem," Keane said. "They need U.S. leadership... we are a unifying effort here."

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