American Islamic Forum For Democracy founder Dr. Zuhdi Jasser said he hopes President Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia will put an end to the "Iranophilia" shown by his predecessor, President Obama.

Jasser said that the trip already started on a good note, as the Saudis welcomed Trump with fanfare and billboards.

"When Obama made the last trip there, he kind of got off and looked for someone to greet him like he lost his luggage," Jasser said.

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He said it is important for America's and our Arab allies' interest that Trump reassure Saudi Arabia that we are a strong ally and will help them in their battle against Shi'a-backed Iran.

Jasser said Obama's term was marked by "Iranophilia" and the need to appease countries that may not like us.

He pointed to Obama's "apology tour" of Cairo, Egypt, Paris, and Port of Spain, Trinidad as examples of Obama's weak leadership.

Jasser said Trump must lay out a "Trump doctrine" that our allies in the region can work with to defeat ISIS and weaken Iranian influence.

He said Trump must also make sure such a doctrine expresses the need for universal human rights and an end to anti-Semitism.

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