President Trump was greeted by fanfare, flags and a rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" when he arrived at the Royal Palace in Saudi Arabia.

Benjamin Hall reported that, prior to Trump's arrival, the capital of Riyadh was flush with banners and billboards depicting Trump and that the government seemed excited for the visit.

Hall said the Saudis were honored to host Trump on his first foreign trip as president, as most American leaders tend to choose Western nations like the United Kingdom or Canada.

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Upon getting out of the motorcade, Trump was met with trumpet fanfare and an enormous red carpet.

He stood beside King Salman as a band played our national anthem in a sweltering 110-degree heat.

"On a foreign trip you don't usually see this... level of pomp and circumstance," Pete Hegseth said.

He added that Trump's lively welcome was ironic, considering how his critics back in the United States have repeatedly accused him of being anti-Muslim.

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