Conservative author and radio host Mark Steyn said this morning that Republicans in Congress are sending a "dangerous message" to their voters.

He pointed out on Fox Business Network that the GOP has failed to take action on the campaign promises made by President Trump. 

"The congressional GOP is sending a very dangerous message. They're basically telling their voters elections don't matter and no matter what you vote for, nothing changes," he said.

He said the system is "dysfunctional," since you have judges legislating while Congress holds "pseudo-court hearings" on things like Russian election interference.

"We have district court judges who presume to make immigration policy and Congress, meanwhile, can't legislate anything. ... They're not doing what they're meant to be doing!" he said.

Steyn said he doesn't believe there's any there there when it comes to allegations of the Trump campaign's collusion with Russia. 

"The swamp actually needs blowing up, not draining," he concluded.

Watch the full discussion from "Varney & Co." above.

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